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Empowering maternal healthcare


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Types of project:

Design, Branding, Illustration, Animation, Web Illustration, Motion

I was privileged to be able to create a brand illustration and identity for the HMF, envisioning the identity to be representative, empowering, trust-building and personal. It was an enjoyable process working with experts in the concept stage and also to receive warm response from our users.

I collaborated with the midwives, nurses and medical practitioners in crafting the illustrations, ensuring that everything is accurate and representative to what they want to convey.

Role: Creative Consultant, Illustrator, Motion Designer, Digital Designer

Award and Distinctions:
Hermes Creative Awards – USA – Platinum
The Communicator Awards – USA – Award of Distinction
Questar Award MerComm – USA – Silver Award
Muse Award – USA – Gold Award

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