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My name is Adrianne Walujo (or call me Anne) and I'm an Indonesian-born, Melbourne-based illustrator and designer. I'm known for my minimalist and playful illustrations, and have worked collaboratively as illustrator and content creator with brands and studios such as Adobe, Wacom, Microsoft, CARE Australia, Innisfree, Jumbla, Vidico, Creativa and more. 

Having been helped and mentored by many others, I am passionate about making the creative industry even more accessible to everyone through teaching, speaking engagements and workshops.


Currently, I'm working as a full-time product designer while doing passion projects and talks on the side. 


Clients & Studios

Adobe / Microsoft / Wacom / CARE Australia / Innisfree / Adweek / Envato / Letter / 9GAG/ Jumbla / Vidico / Creativa



Videos & Livestreams

Adobe Artist Spotlight: English / Bahasa

Adobe Livestreams: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Make Vector Art for Beginners

Awards & Achievements

Singapore MOE Academic Scholarship (2009-2013) / Victorian Premier Award (2017) / Top 50 Wacom Illustrators (2019) / Adobe Spotlight Feature (2019) / Victorian Premier Design Finalist (2020)

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