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Hey there, I'm Adrianne Walujo, but you can call me Anne! Originally from Indonesia, I now proudly call Melbourne, Australia my home. I'm a designer and illustrator who also loves sharing my love for creativity.

A bit of my inspiration

My artwork is a reflection of my deep connection to nature, drawing inspiration from its beauty in everyday life. I believe in the power of minimalism – less clutter allows the viewer's imagination to flourish, focusing on what truly matters.

Passion for teaching

Having been guided and mentored by amazing individuals, I'm dedicated to making the creative industry more inclusive and accessible. Whether through teaching at RMIT University, speaking engagements at Adobe MAX, or hosting online workshops, I'm here to inspire and empower others on their creative journey. 


Select Clients

Adobe / Microsoft / Wacom / Cricut /CARE Australia / Innisfree / Adweek / Envato / Moonpig / Sunsweet / Letter / Jumbla / Vidico / Creativa / WECommunication



Videos & Livestreams

Awards & Achievements

Singapore MOE Academic Scholarship (2009-2013) / Victorian Premier Award (2017) / Top 50 Wacom Illustrators (2019) / Adobe Spotlight Feature (2019) / Victorian Premier Design Finalist (2020)

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